Fine Art Botanicals and Birds

Watercolor paintings and Drawings
of Linda Lorraine Wolfe.

Botanical Illustration encompasses both art, and the science of botany.
Some of my earliest, fondest memories are of flowers and plants. I enjoyed
"feeling" the soft, furry texture of my mother's African Violets
that brightened our living room; marveled at the sight of the jewel colored
Morning Glories that climbed along the garden fence; and mused whether the large white
flower clusters of the Snowball Bush could actually make a snowman. (Turns out they can't)

"Morning Glory" © LL Wolfe

Since childhood I've also had a love for paper, paint and color. So it seemed
natural that when I attended college, my focus in Fine Art was studio painting.
(University of Southern Colorado) My early work reflected my fascination with color,
pattern and design, using a contrast of organic, verses linear, geometric line.

But my love of nature was begging for expression.

While working as a free-lance artist, The Denver Botanic Gardens offered a year-long
class entitled, "Draw a Diary of Colorado Native Plants", in which the
basics of botanical illustration were covered. I signed up and was hooked.
The following year the School of Botanical Illustration was founded
and I was in the first graduating class.

My approach to painting in this genre is from an artist's perception and perspective.
It seems the perfect art form to express my love of nature and affinity for flowers.
As my Artist's Statement says, "Flowers make the most wonderful and worthy of
subjects to paint and draw.
Flowers are themselves like works of art possessing line,
form, color, texture, pattern and design." (all my favorites).

Being an artist is about a journey, so I'm now expanding
my subject matter to include painting and drawing the
beautiful birds that visit my environment and brighten my day.

Please take a few moments to enjoy the art. Enjoy the journey.

- Linda Lorraine Wolfe

"Flicker" © LL Wolfe

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